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Gyro STOP means all. From the traditional LAMB GYRO topping with Tzatziki Sauce, to the Felafel's Veggie Pattie, and the Hummus made from the chunk of Garbanzo Bean. Don't forget the top-round Beef Shawarma topping with sesame seed oil "Tahini Sauce".

The Chicken Shawarma serving with fresh garlic sauce. Those who love the sub can't really wait for the Philly Steak Cheese with fried onions, green pepper and mushrooms with Swiss cheese.

More can be seen in our menu online.

1.  Gyro, Fries

2.  Chicken Gyro, Fries

3.  Gyro Burrito, Fries,

4.  Gyro Sandwich, Side of Falafel

5.  Gyro Sandwich, Greek Salad

6.  Gyro Sandwich, Side Hummus

7.  Beef or Chicken Shawarma, Fries

8.  Falafel Sandwich, Fries

9.  Philly Cheese steak, Fries

10. Italian Beef, Fries

11. Double Chili Cheese Dog, Fries

12. Double Bacon Cheese Burger, Fries



Monday ~ Friday:  10:30am  ~   9:00pm

Saturday: 12:00pm ~ 9pm

Sunday: Closed

We also do catering for special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. For any additional information or to place an order please contact us at 317-471-8607 or e-mail us at Gyrostop451@gmail.com.